Sunday, April 1, 2012

Grazing Goat

Had sworn off boutique/chic hotels for a while. They are often barely functional - poorly lit, small space, noisy lobby, etc. Also, I hardly spend any time in hotels anyways when I travel no matter if its for fun or for work. So Grazing Goat was a 'retry'. Didnt disappoint. Its a Public House (apparently thats where the word Pub comes from). There's no reception - you check in at the pub (yes its noisy/crazy when I checked in at 8pm that night). Its just 8 rooms, they want to make the service really friendly and personal. Some waiters/service staff are less than cheery, but the main person that greeted me seems to enjoy what he does (maybe he's the boss?). The decor is nice, wooden floor, nice fixtures; sort of Swiss chalet with a Scandinavian sensibility. Apparently featured in Monocle - way to go!

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