Saturday, July 14, 2012

Art journal #153: Diamen Hirst retrospective at Tate Modern

Clearly Tate has a fantastic eye (and permission to scroll through his studio, no doubt) when it comes to choosing works for the Diamen Hirst retrospective. Great early works that showed how his practices and ideas evolved over time – the colors, life/death, etc. The dead animals in boxes always create awe. The live butterfly room was quite a treat to see. But perhaps he is so overexposed, we are now numbed to even the greatest concepts since we have seen it so many times, and he himself repeat it so many times too? The “Sothebys room” was controversial – one where he sold work directly via auction house instead of through galleries, and all those glitter, diamonds…is just suffocated and certainly in your face. I recalled seeing his mother/baby sheep installation in Saatchi Gallery and that was the first time I was intrigued by cotemporary art. So perhaps indeed Hirst is part of the reason why I got started in collecting now! 


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